Project objectives

Project objectives
  • to reduce total energy consumption of the city administration through increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources on objects owned by the City of Zagreb;
  • to find and use financing models for energy efficiency applicable to the city administration;
  • to acquire knowledge and experience necessary for all participants of the energy refurbishment process through examples of energy efficiency implementation on a large number of objects of various purposes;
  • to influence positive changes in legislation, regulations etc and to influence the improvement of the existing financing instruments, based on experiences acquired through the implementation of  the ZagEE project;
  • to educate the city administration employees in the implementation of large energy projects,
  • to educate the building managers on efficient use of objects;
  • to encourage experts to undertake additional education on specific skills in connection with energy refurbishment;
  • to influence positive changes in the economy;
  • to share the acquired skills and experiences and influence energy efficient development in other cities of the region and beyond;
  • to contribute to climate protection and sustainable development through a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.