The partners on the project include the City of Zagreb (as project leader) and the North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA). The suggested consortium implies that key experts of the public body (City of Zagreb) and the energy agency (REGEA) work on the development and implementation of the project. The consortium relies on strong experience in leading European projects, as both partners have been successful in participating in and coordinating European projects, which is a guarantee of efficient implementation of project activities.


The project ZagEE is coordinated by the City of Zagreb, City office for energy, environment protection and sustainable development.

     366px-Coat_of_arms_of_Zagreb.svgThe City of Zagreb is the leading city in Croatia in terms of recognizing the importance of sustainable energy development. By the decision of the Zagreb City Assembly on October 30th, 2008, the City of Zagreb became one of the first European capitals to adopt the Covenant of Mayors and state its support to the great initiative of joining the mayors of European cities committed to energy efficiency in a permanent network with the aim of exchanging experiences in the implementation of effective measures for the improvement of efficiency in urban areas.

    The City of Zagreb has entirely implemented the process of energy saving, continued monitoring of energy consumption, the application of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources and ecologically acceptable fuels in all objects owned or used by the City of Zagreb.

    Through its actions, the City of Zagreb wishes to continuously motivate energy and financial savings, reduce the harmful impact on the environment, implement a proactive energy policy and raise the level of responsibility and awareness of its employees and citizens in the process of global warming and climate change.

    The City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development was established in the year 2009. As part of its activities, it also works on: energy and planning energy development, heating energy and ensuring a continuous distribution of heating energy, efficient use of energy in immediate consumption, gas market and the development of its distribution system in the Zagreb area, sustainable development, renewable energy sources and ecologically acceptable energy sources, environment protection, protection of air and waters, protection from noise and other activities in its competence.  (


    imagesThe North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) is the leading energy agency in Croatia and one of the most successful organizations of its kind in the Southeast Europe. REGEA was founded in 2008 by four Croatian counties one of which is the City of Zagreb.

    The main objective and role of the Agency is promoting and encouraging of regional sustainable development in the fields of energy and environmental protection through renewable energy sources (RES) utilization and energy efficiency measures implementation.. The Agency also implements the good practices of energy management, encourages the sustainable development, provides information and advice as well as many other services based on specific local needs for energy.